Troubles with a Novac/Teknatool 1624 Lathe

  • 02 Feb 2014 11:19 AM
    Message # 1488716
    I was using my lathe with a large piece yesterday and had the lathe set to its slowest speed, the smallest gear on the bottom cone of gears.  After a bit it suddenly got really noisy and when I checked the gears, on what appeared to be a solid gear cone, the smallest gear had moved to the left and was rubbing the housing.  I loosened the belt and found I could push it back into the cone.  I repositioned the belt, but it immediately did it again.  Checking it out, the belt seemed fine, with the exception of a 2 inch area, where the grooves on the belt were missing on only one groove. The other grooves were fine.  I don't know if that is pulling the gear out or perhaps was caused by the gear pulling over??  Any ideas how to fix this?   Karen Rice
  • 03 Feb 2014 2:18 PM
    Reply # 1489636 on 1488716
    The gear should not be moving.  The belt should have all of it's grooves, but that would cause the belt to slip, not the gear to move.  The gear should be held in place by a woodruff key or some sort of pin.  I think that you have to fix the gear before you will be able to use it at that low speed.  I would also replace the belt.  Look at the floor of where the gears sit and see if you find a woodruff key or some sort of pin that might have come out.  If you have the schematic of the machine it will show how the gear is held in place.  If you have the schematic to the meeting and I can look at it for you.  I will go online and see if I can find the schematic.  You can call me at 415-902-8594
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